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Meet Our Client:  King’s Daughters Day School

In early March, the Turrell Fund visited King’s Daughters Day School (KDDS) and sat down with Khamele McLeod-Cato, PhD (Executive Director) and Brittany Kirkland, Ed.D. (President of the Board).

After a tour of the school, we discussed the programming KDDS does along with the challenges early education is facing.

At the very end, Turrell President of Programs Evan Delgado read the students a story!

What is King’s Daughters Day School (KDDS)?

Established in 1906, King’s Daughters Day School (KDDS) applies quality-driven principles and compassionate care to its early care and education offerings.

This community-embedded child care center provides children of working mothers and caregivers with developmentally appropriate educational programs in a nurturing environment.  We have few investments in Union County, giving us the chance to continue expanding our footprint in this region of New Jersey.

Over time, the organization has grown from a nursery with only 3 children into a top-notch, comprehensive early care and education program.

How Does KDDS Work?

KDDS’ programs include: infant/toddler care, preschool, school-age, music and summer camp. The Plainfield Board of Education’s Office of Early Childhood partners with KDDS for the preschool program.

Throughout the school, there’s artwork inspired by classic children’s books and honoring important historical figures. Dr. McLeod-Cato’s goal is to cultivate a love of reading at an early age, which meant every classroom had a variety of books for students.

Classrooms are also connected to one another, along with an outdoor patio for students to play in on rainy days. Each classroom has artwork displayed and students were eager to show us their work!

Khamele McLeod-Cato expressed the importance of understanding between the staff and parents. Many staffers are bilingual, so they’re able to speak with families in a language they understand.

She also said the staff represents the community, especially as many teachers had their children enrolled at KDDS or came from the community itself.

Why is KDDS a Turrell Client?

KDDS provides opportunities for young children to explore new topics and experiences, express their ideas, and stimulate their curiosity.

Specifically, KDDS commits to consistently enhancing education, music and dance, gardening, after school, and summer camp programs.

Turrell recognizes KDDS as an exceptional direct service agency providing high-quality education and a curriculum with plentiful, varied development opportunities for young children and local families.

The Turrell Fund is proud to support KDDS and its mission in providing excellent educational resources for children.  Thank you for all you do!

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