Our Approach


The Turrell Fund practices a “Partnership Model” of philanthropy.

While the term partnership is often overused, we live these principles by following the lead of our client organizations, deferring to expertise, and backing solutions directly from the communities we serve. The Model is predicated on the idea that it will be many organizations and leaders, across sectors and disciplines, working in concert that will succeed in creating a better society for children and families.  We believe in the power of watching, listening, and supporting decisive action to build stronger systems and address core inequities in New Jersey and Vermont.

While the Fund works on multiple strategic initiatives, we are fundamentally dedicated to providing general operating support for vital, community-based nonprofits serving children and families. The Turrell Fund also serves as key convener, bringing together organizations and individuals to build toward greater impact.

We walk alongside our clients, offering capacity-building opportunities and a safe place to brainstorm and address challenges in their communities.

Mustard Seed School

Core Principles of the Partnership Model

Bringing People Together
to Make a Difference

Tangible Impact for
Children & Families



Equity & Justice


The Turrell Fund has grown and changed over many years, but we continue to function as a service-oriented organization with deep roots in its areas of operation.

Beyond grantmaking our services to grantees include:

Making connections

Advocating for policies that help children and families

Sharing internal expertise (financial content, workshops, strategic direction etc.)

Providing professional development opportunities

Fundraising alongside nonprofit partners

Highlighting and sharing best practices and successful community-driven projects

Ensure Trustees and Staff have relevant expertise

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