About the Turrell Fund

Societal Vision

That need will be eliminated as a barrier to the access of quality educational and developmental experiences by all children, and especially the youngest and their families so that they may be prepared for academic and life success.

Covenant House
All Our Kin

Organizational Vision

That access to quality educational and developmental opportunities will be assured for the children of the Turrell Fund’s served areas, with an emphasis on the youngest, at-risk children and their families.


The Turrell Fund was established in 1935 by Herbert and Margaret Turrell.

Herbert had a successful career in cosmetics and maintained a special affinity for the health and well-being of children and families. Herbert and Margaret initially gave grants to religious, literary, education, and scientific causes and charities nationwide. While over many years the Turrell Fund has grown and changed, it continues to function as a service-oriented organization with deep roots in its areas of operation.

Margaret Turrell Memorial Hall, Boys Club Camp
Terre Haute, Indiana

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