Learn more about Hannah Assefa, an Elementary Educator who has worked with children for most of her life.

Turrell Fund Welcomes New Trustee, Hannah Assefa

The Turrell Fund is excited to welcome Hannah Assefa to the Board of Trustees.

Hannah Assefa is an Elementary Educator who has worked with children for most of her life whether through private instruction in traditional fiddle or as an educator in the classroom.

Hannah also published a free online resource, the Anti Racist Resource Guide for Educators, to provide resources to educators who want to think and learn more about how their teaching can perpetuate misinformation, stereotypes, and educational inequities; ways in which they may celebrate, teach, and provide diversity in their classroom; and begin to plan ways in which they will inspire their students to not only be aware of historic and/or current events but be active citizens by using this information to make the change they want to see.

Hannah currently teaches second and third grade at The Barn School in Westford, Vermont.  She holds a Master of Education degree in Curriculum & Instruction from Southern New Hampshire University (2016) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music & Elementary Education from Saint Michael’s College (2013).

Hannah is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership (SNHU) with research interests in initial teacher training, critical service learning, cultural humility, and the effects on teachers’ perceived self-efficacy.

“I am thrilled to be associated with an organization that helps make many things possible for children and families. It’s an added bonus that Turrell Fund shares my passion for the arts,”said Hannah.

The Fund is excited to engage Hannah’s expertise in support of Turrell’s mission and vision of serving children and families in New Jersey and Vermont.

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