Dr. Junlei Li Joins Turrell Board of Trustees

Dr. Junlei Li Saul Zaentz Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education Co-Chair, Human Development and Education Program Harvard University

The Turrell Fund is excited to announce that Dr. Junlei Li has joined the Turrell Fund Board of Trustees.

Dr. Li’s research and practice focuses on understanding and supporting the work of helpers—those who serve children and families on the frontlines of education and social services. Li studied and learned from a wide range of high-quality, low-resource developmental settings, including orphanages, childcare, classrooms, and community youth programs.  He developed the “Simple Interactions” approach to help identify what ordinary people do extraordinarily well with children in everyday moments and made that the basis for promoting positive system change.

Li frequently delivers keynote presentations and workshops for national, state, and international conferences focused on improving practices, programs, and policies for children, families, and professionals, with a particular emphasis on early childhood development.  He teaches about improving human interactions and supporting adult helpers around the world.

Li’s work is significantly influenced and inspired by the pioneering work of Fred Rogers (creator of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood).  He previously served as the Co-Director and Rita M. McGinley Professor for Early Learning and Children’s Media at the Fred Rogers Center at Saint Vincent College.  He was also featured in the film about Mr. Rogers, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”.

The Fund is confident that Dr. Li will serve as a source of knowledge, expertise, and community partnership to the field.

Learn more about Dr. Li:

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