Application Guidelines

Submission Deadlines

The Turrell Fund Board of Trustees considers requests in the Spring and the Fall.

FALL CYCLE:  JULY 1, 9am – AUGUST 1, 5pm

Application Guidelines

Turrell Fund grants are awarded to organizations which provide or foster the creation and delivery of quality developmental and educational services to children, especially the youngest, and their families, in Vermont and, primarily in the New Jersey counties of Essex, Hudson, Passaic and Union. One year must elapse before applying again.

The Turrell Fund actively considers programs of exceptional merit serving the youngest children with emphasis on birth to five. Note, however, that favored programs, in the birth to five range, are those operating in parts of our served area where the number and quality of educational and developmental alternatives are limited, and the relative concentration of at-risk children is high. Successful applicants requesting a grant to service this age category must have demonstrated results, supported by rigorous measurement and analysis.

Turrell Fund also places a priority on organizations which create system changes through policy and advocacy initiatives.

Grants are awarded to agencies that exhibit:

  • Evidence of exceptional quality
  • Distinction through the creation of new benchmarks or best practices
  • A voice in the chorus of those speaking to educational policy change
  • Initiatives directed at systems and policy change

Online Application System

The Turrell Fund requires all grant-seekers to submit their applications online. Please visit the Apply page for specific instructions on the use of the online system.

Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the SAMPLE APPLICATION and all of the questions and information required prior to starting their own online application.

Reporting & Limitations

Funding Limitations & Restrictions

The awarding of a Turrell Fund grant to an organization is our strongest indication of support of its purposes, operations and leadership. No requests for further letters of support to third party organizations will be honored.

Reporting Requirements

A final report documenting the use of grant funds should be sent to us no later than one year after receiving grant funds. This report should be no longer than two pages.

Expressions of Gratitude

The Turrell Fund is appreciative of expressions of gratitude by grant recipients. Often, artistic plaques are purchased to acknowledge the grant or grants received. We would much prefer that organizations use their resources for program operations.

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