Please read our Guidelines and 2021 Announcement before applying for funding.

Submission Deadlines

The Turrell Fund Board of Trustees considers requests in the Spring and the Fall.

FALL CYCLE:   JULY 1, 9am – AUGUST 1, 5pm

Application Information

The online application consists of information fields and required attachments (documents).

Attachments can be Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF files created on a copier/scanner. Do NOT use compressed ZIP files or password-protected files.

If you are unable to attach any of the required documents to your online application, you may send them by regular mail or other delivery service (UPS, Fedex, etc.) to:

Evan Delgado, President, Turrell Fund
21 Van Vleck Street, Montclair, NJ, 07042

We also recommend sending an email to alert the Fund that documents are coming in the mail. Please send an email to

Please be sure to leave ample time for your attachments to reach us by the published deadline. Due to the volume of proposals, the Fund cannot be expected to make exceptions for late-arriving proposal attachments.

Required Attachments

The following documents are to be submitted as attachments to your online application (or via mail, as referenced above):

  • Copy of the IRS determination letter of the organization, usually a 501(c)(3) , and specifying whether they are a 509(a)(1), 509(a)(2), or 509(a)(3) organization
  • Form 990 for the most recent year available
  • Organization’s operating budget for the coming year
  • List of the names of the organization’s Board of Directors and their affiliations
  • Audited Financial Statement for the most recent year available
  • Expense and income budget for the particular project or program
  • Independent Auditor’s Communication of Internal Control Matters identified in the Audit (Management Letter). As part of the Turrell Fund’s review process, we consider an organization’s ‘management letter’ issued by their auditors. Please find commonly asked questions below.

Management Letter

What is a Management Letter?

A Management Letter is a letter prepared by an auditor which discusses findings and recommendations for improvements in internal control that were identified during the audit and other management issues.

Why do we require a Management Letter?

This letter gives us comfort that an organization has sound internal control financial processes in place. In addition, this letter identifies any material weaknesses encountered during the audit of the financial statements

Will having a material deficiency or other issue disqualify me?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. As long as a solution has been set in place and is underway you will receive the same level of consideration as all other applicants. Our goal here is not to punish organizations based on findings from the management letter.

What documents serve as a Management Letter?

The following two documents can serve as the Management Letter.

  • Independent Auditors’ Communication of Internal Control Matters Identified in the Audit (example)
  • Auditors’ ‘Required Communication’ (example)

For either document, you will find the document title (as shown in bold above) somewhere within the document itself. To reiterate, either document will satisfy our request for a Management Letter.

What if I Can’t Find My Management Letter?

If you can find neither document referenced above, you will need to request one or the other of these documents directly from your auditor.

What documents are not a Management Letter?

As information, the two documents which are not acceptable as management letters are the:

  • Management Representation Letter (example) – a Management Representation Letter is the document that your organization provides to its auditors. It is most likely on your letterhead and will generally include the words ‘representation letter’ somewhere near the top of the document. The easiest way, however, to identify this document, if it exists in your files, is that it will have been signed by someone from your organization.
  • Independent Auditors’ Report (example) – an Independent Auditors’ Report is the document that is attached to your audited financial statements. It will be relatively easy for you to identify this document. It will almost certainly include the title…Independent Auditors’ Report…at the very top of the document.

Does every organization have a management letter?

Not necessarily. If your organization did not commission an audit, then you will not be required to submit a management letter. Also, organizations with annual gross revenues below $500K are not required by the State of New Jersey to have an audit.

First Time Applicant Information

For applicants without an existing account (e-mail address and password), you must click on the “Start a New Application” button below the e-mail address entry on the Login page when first attempting to save or save/submit your application. This will create your personalized account on the grant request system.

Other Information

Browser Info

We recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when applying.

If you receive a message saying that the application is not available, please switch to one of the recommended browsers and try again. If you are already using either Chrome or Firefox and you receive the message, please refresh the page and try again. This should resolve the issue for you. If it does not, please contact us.

Return to Application

You do not need to complete the application all at once. Use the “Return to Your Existing Application” page below and enter your login information.

Applicant Advisory

Please note that even for organizations which we have known and funded for many years, our funding decisions will be based entirely on the information which you present in your application. Each proposal will be read by all of our Trustees. The clarity of your responses and the degree to which it comports with our stated Vision and Mission will be significant factors in our funding decisions.


For questions or communications regarding the online application, please send an e-mail to or call us at (973) 783-9358.

Ready to Apply?

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The 2022 application windows are:

January 1, 9am* – February 1, 5pm  and  July 1, 9am – August 1, 5pm

*The application will be available on January 1, but support will be available starting at 9am, January 4.

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