Meet The Team

Evan L. Delgado

President, Programs and Planning

Evan is photographed in the Van Vleck Gardens, the Turrell Fund headquarters in Montclair, NJ.

Evan tries his hand at the violin with the New Jersey Symphony’s talented students.

Evan Delgado serves as the Turrell Fund’s President of Programs and Planning.  He oversees the grantmaking process, conducts site visits, and works on the Fund’s strategic initiatives and policy work.  He is dedicated to a partnership-driven model of grantmaking and is always ready to offer support beyond the grant.

Prior to joining Turrell Fund, Evan assisted the Burke Foundation in Princeton, NJ in developing its early childhood and prenatal strategy.  He helped lead an early childhood field scan, conducting interviews with numerous early childhood stakeholders to inform the Foundation’s first white paper, Investing Early: Recommendations for Funding in Early Childhood.  In addition, he researched best-in-class early childhood programs and initiatives, identifying projects that were cost-effective, scalable, and evidence-backed.  Evan also spent time at Rabin Martin, a global health strategy firm working to meet the health needs of underserved populations.

Evan is deeply committed to supporting children and families, as well as to addressing the deep socioeconomic inequities and racial disparities that plague our country.  He firmly believes that to have the greatest impact, one must follow the lead of those they seek to serve.

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