Turrell Fund
A Foundation Serving Children

Welcome to the Turrell Fund web site.

The Turrell Fund was founded in 1935 by Herbert and Margaret Turrell. Its principal interest lies in support of organizations that help youth, with special emphasis on the needy youngster. The first priority area is direct services to children. Capital requests are considered, but are of secondary priority.

Our application process has recently undergone substantial changes. We encourage interested parties to review this web site before contacting the Fund or submitting an application. The Turrell Fund now requires grantseekers (prospective grantees and exisitng grantees alike) to submit their applications on line.

Applicant Advisory!

Please Note...

The number and size of our grants will continue to be less than in prior years. We encourage all applicants to aggressively seek supplementary and alternative sources of funding. In addition, please note that the Turrell Fund has significantly increased its focus and priority on grants in support of advocacy, policy, and services which support infants and toddlers.

Even agencies that have traditionally received funding from the Turrell Fund may not receive grants in the future or receive grants that are materially less than past amounts.

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