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"Herbert Turrell's intention was not only to reclaim young lives, he wanted rather to give as many children as possible a basic chance. He was interested in America, and in each child as a potential citizen."

- from "The Turrell Fund - Thirty Years of Giving"

The Turrell Fund was founded in 1935 by Herbert and Margaret Turrell. Herbert Turrell, a man burdened with an underprivileged childhood, a broken home and near-poverty translated his misfortune into devoted sympathy with and services to all young children facing challenges. The Turrells felt that the most important use for their wealth would be to give at-risk children the basic elements for success in life.

Margaret Turrell Memorial Hall, Boys Club Camp | Terre Haute, Indiana

Turrell Today

Our priority is organizations serving young children ages zero to five, which can present strong evidence of exceptional service quality and who have distinguished themselves along multiple dimensions.

While we continue to fund direct services, times have changed and many parents are in the workforce. We fund policy change because we recognized the importance of the early years and access to high-quality childcare.

Student | Robert Treat Academy

Turrell Fund grants are awarded primarily to organizations located in Essex, Hudson, Passaic and Union Counties in New Jersey, and throughout the State of Vermont. In our grant decisions, the at-risk profile of the children served, and the ultimate reach and impact of our potential investments, are primary criteria.

A summary of total grants distributed from the Foundation's inception in 1935 through 2018 is available for review.

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Our grant application windows run from Jan 1 to Feb 1, and July 1 to Aug 1.

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