Two of our priorities you know well, direct financial support to operating agencies, and our relatively recent emphasis on more enlightened public policy as it affects the first years of life. The public policy focus is critical due to the limited collective capacity of private philanthropy. However, we have an emerging third priority which is worth mentioning this year. We will briefly review the two more traditional categories, before elaborating on the third exciting direction.


The provision of financial support to agencies servicing children, especially the youngest and most at risk, is not new to us. It is a core plank of our Vision and Mission platform and an original intent of our Founders. The hurdle for direct support grants is high. Good service delivery is necessary but not sufficient. Increasingly, successful proposals must embed something more: breakthrough techniques or results; the establishment of a new benchmark or best practice in service delivery and/or a demonstrated commitment to systems change, through direct involvement in policy or advocacy.


Our direct investments in advocacy and policy initiatives have the potential to reshape public policy in support of our Vision and Mission.

"The Turrell Fund will continue to push hard along every dimension we have here outlined. Our vigil for ways to better serve is constant."

- Curt Fields


Our most recent direction is the Foundation's financial sponsorship of training and professional development delivered directly to early childhood services providers This professional development effort calls on, and underwrites, the expertise of lead service providers to train early educators. It is a new way of stretching our resources to increase the quality of early childhood programs with grants for early childhood education.

Here are a few examples. We'd love to know what you think and welcome your ideas.

I. Sponsored Professional Development Seminars

II. Early Learning and Development Conference - 2016

III. Technical Support to Selected Operating Agencies

IV. Arts Education Leadership

We remain your champions.

Curtland E. Fields | President & CEO

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