Turrell Fund
A Foundation Serving Children

Online Application Procedures                                      * SAMPLE APPLICATION *

The Turrell Fund now requires all grantseekers
to submit their applications on line.

The online application consists of fields to be filled in, and attachments (documents) from you. Attachments can be Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF files created on a copier/scanner. Do NOT include compressed ZIP files or password-protected files. If you are unable to attach any of the required documents to your online application, you may send them by regular mail or other delivery service (UPS, Fedex, etc.).

In all circumstances, please be sure to leave ample time for your attachments to reach us by the published deadline. Due to the volume of proposals we receive, the Fund cannot be expected to make exceptions for late-arriving proposal attachments.

NEW Applicants:
For applicants without an existing account (e-mail address and password), you must click on the "New Applicant?" link below the e-mail address entry on the Login page when first attempting to save or save/submit your application. This is where you will create an account on the grant request system, with which your application will be associated.

NOTICE: Due to a couple of disruptions to the availability of the online application system, the Turrell Fund is extending the deadline for the submission of this cycle’s grants applications until midnight on Wednesday, February 3rd. Please note that this extension is for this cycle only and that the normal published deadlines will be back in effect for future cycles.

Please follow the link below to start an application.
If you wish to review, edit or complete your online application please follow the link below.
If you wish to review, edit or complete your online application please follow the link below.

For questions or communications specifically about the online
application, please send an e-mail to application@turrellfund.org
(Please do not use this e-mail address for inquiries unrelated to the online application)